Aman Gati Hotel Dompu - Sumbawa.

Located directly in front of the renowned Lakey Peak and short walk to Periscopes. Offering the adventurous surfer a clean, safe and friendly environment to enjoy the unique pace of life in Sumbawa. Aman Gati Hotel is unique, and is the best choice where you can find the personal touch and specialty which enable you to say "This is a real Paradise resort".

The Hotel Aman Gati Dompu - Sumbawa has been delicately positioned amongst swaying coconut palms resting on the shores of white sand beaches. The garden at Aman Gati Hotel are an explosion of colour and life, a rampage of tropical greenery and blooming flowers. And like your home, the gardens are here for your pleasure.

Our 24 hours security ensures that you are safe and sound around the clock.